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MISSION - To empower and support HPFP and its alliances through capacity building policy advocacy, and engagement, with key development actors.

VISION - “We, in partnership with various stakeholders, believe and commit to building empowered communities enjoying their security of tenure in an equitable and inclusive society”




1993- Fr. Norberto Carcellar founded Vincentian Missionaries for Social Development

1996 Foundation, Inc. (VMSDFI) and was its first Executive Director; VMSDFI began integration with Payatas communities;

Misereor funded VMSDFI Social Welfare Programs for PWD, elderly, street children, mother and child care program

1995 CORDAID funded programs for the elderly; 

1997 Slum Dwellers International (SDI) partnered with VMSDFI; later the foundation also partnered with Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)

1998 Misereor proposed creation of institution not connected with church; introduction of modified savings program from Grameen to daily savings of communities; 

1999 VMSDFI focused more on land and housing and security of tenure issues than social development programs

2000 VMSDFI intervened during Payatas trash avalanche; Accessed ADB Fund for trash slide survivors

2001 Fr. Carcellar turned-over VMSDFI social welfare programs to the Congregation of Mission; 


2002 PACSII was registered; Fr. Norberto L. Carcellar is PACSII founder and Executive Director

2003- 1st Misereor KZE Support (for HPFPI with PACSII as legal fund holder)


2004 International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) partnership

2005 SELAVIP-supported Land Acquisition Project

2006- 2nd Misereor KZE Support (for HPFPI with PACSII as legal fund holder)


2007 Homeless International (Community-led Infrastructure Finance Facility or CLIFF Project)

2009- 3rd Misereor KZE Support (for HPFPI with PACSII as legal fund holder)


2010 UNESCAP supported Pro-poor Eco-Settlement Study in Rodriguez, Rizal; PACSII supported the creation of TAMPEI and PACSII’s technical and shelter-related capacity-building activities were turned over to TAMPEI; PACSII also supported the creation of PASUFI, the forerunner of CoRe-ACS, but was short-lived

2013 SELAVIP Housing Project for Compostella Valley; SDI and ACHR support for PACSII institutional audit during crisis

2014 Death of Fr. Norberto Carcellar; Maria Lourdes Domingo-Price as interim Executive Director led the professionalization of PACSII;

2015 PACSII supported the creation of Linkbuild and CoRe-ACS; Facilitated IIED Project and THE SDI Learning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Project for the Federation; SDI-funded Sanitation Project in Mandaue City 

2016- Misereor Transition Project for PACSII rehabilitation; Mapping and Settlements profiling activities in 

2017 partnership with Human Cities Coalition and SDI, Habitat for Humanity, and UN-GLTN; SDI Supported Solar Project for HPFPI

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